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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Blog!!!

Hey guys!

I want to thank everyone for the support I get when I blog here! Make sure and keep following along.

Last week I was accepted to be an intern for Congressman Ron Paul. I am very excited about this and hope to contribute and learn a lot. Just to let you know, Neptune Nation will always stay non-political. I feel that here at Neptune Nation we unite because of our love of the water and our views on anything else will never interrupt that.

Thanks again, please, tell your friends (or strangers) to check me out,

Water is Life,


Monday, May 16, 2011

Travis McGee on Earth

I think there is some kind of divine order in the universe. Every leaf on every tree in the world is unique. As far as we can see, there are other galaxies, all slowly spinning, numerous as the leaves in the forest. In an infinite number of planets, there has to be an infinite number with life forms on them. Maybe this planet is one of the discarded mistakes. Maybe it's one of the victories. We'll never know.
 ~Travis McGee 

A timeless contemplation from A Deadly Shade of Gold by John D. MacDonald.