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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mi Vida Colegio

So for the next several required blogs I have to write, they are just supposed to be editorials about various things of inspiration. Expect a lot to be about food. This week is my interpretation of college life and Galveston.

This subject was probably built more for the freshman in mind, but I'm sure my insights are just as legit but with just a very different perspective.

I spent four years active duty in th Marines, went to Iraq, traveled around, lived in Florida and got my associates degree and now I'm here, 25 year old veteran/transfer student--not your traditional case. So far I'm having a blast, I'm involved with way too many credit hours, extra credit assignments, clubs, and sports teams. I barely have a second to take a breath or stretch my legs but I kinda like it that way.

Coming here I knew the school was gonna be small, that was my preference. I enjoy small class interaction and being able to talk one on one with teachers. This school and the island are tiny, no matter where I go out to, I see people from class all around town. Definately a little bit of culture shock. It kind of allows me to take on a little more because I know many people in every class and even multiple classes, so it's kinda like networking to make sure you never miss a test or assignment. I just talk to other people I see from my classes throughout the day and kinda double check to make sure I'm caught up or prepared.

Everybody here is really nice so far, and I think that is because of a combination of reasons. First, we are Aggies. I mean I knew there was a lot of pride in being an Aggie, but people here really take it to heart, which is good, I love seeing people taking pride in what they are doing. Secondly, it is a small island. In fact an island off an Island. I am on Pelican Island and have to go to Galveston Island to get to the mainland, so it's like a small isolated microcosm. Thirdly, everyone here has a maritime degree, whether it be biology, admin, tranportation or studies, this place could definately fit the defination of subculture. All these factors together make for a student body that is pretty cool all around.

I went through several phases when I got here. As I looked around at the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike, I was depressed. I thought this place looked beat and I was kicking myself for turning down Univ Miami. But as I looked on I found a really cool community. You can surf, longboard, get great Mexican food, and so much else. Sometimes you just have to look a little deeper than the surface to see if you like or dislike something. I did that and I couldn't be happier. I'm having a great time living the Aloha lifestyle.

Islander by Choice.

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