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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elissa 1877 Barque, It's a Sailor's life for me!

Just wanted to shoot a quick post out there to reflect on that sweet girl ELISSA of Galveston, Texas and how she is still plowin' through those waves over a hundred years after her keel was laid.

Unfortunately this year while dry-docked they discovered some seriously corroded iron plates that need to be replaced in order for the Coast Guard to give her the "hominus dominus" to go out on daysails. The problem? The iron plates are the historic part of her (as opposed to the new steel ones.) Though this may seem like a "who cares? replace them" situation, to really respect the archaeological, preservation aspect, the iron part is the legacy.
Salty Sea Aggie Crew
But alas, I am confident she will be restored to a sailing condition because I doubt you can keep her off the seas, she has been in way worse spots before.

There are a couple of views from the Royal and the cross trees, it gets pretty high up there, just look:

Seth of JPL Marine Labs

On the Royal

There she is. She is beautiful, she is unique, she is one of a only a few left in the world. There is nothing that can explain the feeling of her rolling on the waves while you sit atop the yard looking at the ocean with the harbor sprawling beneath your feet. It's hard to imagine that just one hundred years ago our ports were filled with stretched canvas and rigging.

If you want to find out more about the Elissa check out more here.                  
Water is Life.


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  1. I have visited ELISSA twice, and she is beautiful.


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  3. Oh! Those pictures look so fun. Best of luck on all of your journeys :)

  4. GREAT post. I like sea, I follow you.

  5. water is life.. il like u slogan

  6. Ugh! Could just be my fear of heights, but that's way too freaking high!
    Especially when being tossed around on the waves!
    Cool pictures, though.
    Congrats on becoming a blog of note!

    Clockwork Proxy.


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