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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weeks away from mega-launch!

What is mega-launch? If you have to ask, you aren't ready...

If you haven't figured it out, my boat is about to bust out like an alien from a space ship worker's chest. I spent a little time today making a cleat to go on the transom. I used the excess laminated poplar and, like everything else, it is a big pain in the ass. That is one of the only drawbacks to lamination. If done properly, all of the grains of the pieces contradict each other, so that makes for a tough time planing or sawing it. I ended up using a combination of hammer, chisel, saw, and then belt sander.

I am prepping some videos as we speak because one of my most successful ventures was scarphing together some boards. Check it out:

I am a proud supporter of Titebond III

I tried a few methods at first. I tried sawing, cutting kerfs (sp? kerfs are little cuts), chisel, yada yada. I eventually ended up making a scarphing jig and using a router with a straight bit. God bless the router, what an amazing tool. Next blog will be a semi in depth look at scarphing!

But first, let me give a few honorable mentions to some helpers around the shop (I only have pictures of a few, so far)

Castro amidst a beautiful sunset
                                   Matt and his better half Sarah

 And Salty Cap'n Seth poppin' a wheelie

Others not pictured are Josh and Austin. Austin cleaned up the shop because he is a nut case and Josh provided me engineering expertise. Also, I have to mention Mr. O for lending me clamps and Jocie for lending me a bunch of other stuff too. Also, the most important, my lil queen bee, Kelly!!!

It's good to have friends :)

Check in often, check in soon!


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